Sunday, November 14, 2010

Legal Notices To CSD And Army

The Armed Forces Tribunal at Chandigarh will now examine the matter of non processing by CSD of requisitions of "high value items", including motor cars, through dealers at Chandigarh and at VAT rates applicable in that Union Territory. It was only a matter of time before someone was forced to take up the matter of the insensitivity shown to entitled armed forces personnel and veterans residing at Chandigarh. The saddest aspect is the total disinterest exhibited by the Service Headquarters in prevailing upon the CSD to resolve the matter in a more urgent fashion. How could the CSD succeed in subjecting the entitled personnel at Chandigarh to this prolonged denial of delivery of service?

It would be interesting to examine whether the personnel and veterans, who are residents of Chandigarh and had to pay the higher VAT for purchases made through CSD in the states of Haryana or Punjab, would now be able to claim refunds on account of the excess amount they were forced to pay. After all, they were compelled to make the purchases as a result of the questionable decision by CSD to deny them an entitled service at Chandigarh.

Anyhow, one salutes the sagacity and true leadership of the exemplary senior who has now set the legal wheels in motion.

Update: Finally, a judgement! Now to see if those denied the service at Chandigarh would be able to recover the differential paid out by them. Full details here .

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