Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Rank Pay Matter Relating To IV CPC{ continued :-) }

As had been suspected, pre-mature self-congratulations in some sections of the affected populace notwithstanding, the Government has indeed succeeded in delaying a resolution of the matter by clubbing all manners of subjects with the clear and distinct issue of the rank pay arrears of IV CPC. A final verdict has now been put off till such time the Hon'ble Chief Justice is presented with the matter and then, if it is so decided, the case would have to be referred to another bench. It is anybody's guess as to what sort of timeline could be assigned to the legal process. One can only look forward to updates in the media like this one .

Edit 1: The Record of Proceedings of the Hon'ble Supreme Court has now been updated

Edit 2: The Hon'ble Supreme Court has fixed 24 February 2011 as the date of "final disposal", as seen from the Record Of Proceedings.

Edit 3: The next hearing is on the 8th March. Full details here.


  1. Matter was heard on 3/1/2011. Final hearing on 24/1/2011. Wish ourselves better luck than earlier.

  2. The official record states the next date to be 24 Feb 2011 and not 24 Jan. Details are available through hyperlink under Edit2.