Thursday, February 03, 2011

Matters Related To The Rank Pay Case

Though considerable effort has gone into keeping all affected up-to-date on the awaited judgement regarding the rank pay litigation, some issues need to be listed as FAQs by the appropriate Forums and Blogs, along with clear answers, for the guidance and information of all.

As an example, the following could easily be included in such a list of FAQs:

* Would rectification of the anomaly consist of calculating arrears of pay and allowances, and interest thereon, wef 01 Jan 86 till 31 Dec 95?

* Would the rectification also consist of re-fixation of salary and allowances for the period O1 Jan 96 to 31 Dec 2005 and arrears paid along with interest?

* Would the amount of pension paid to retirees also be recalculated and arrears paid with interest due to the expected increase in pay for the period of service?

* As the fifth pay commission had introduced parity in pensions, would any upward revision in pensions as a result of the awaited judgement also have an impact on the pensions of pre Jan 86 and Jan 96 retirees?

{Edit 1} : It is apparently in everyone's interest to address all such queries to websites/blogs such as that of RDOA and to be wary of mistakes such as duplication of litigation as advised in this Blog Post.

{Edit 2} : Record of proceedings on the hearing on 24th February, the date previously fixed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court for a "final disposal" of the case, contains a new order.

{Edit 3} : The hearing of the case on 09 March resulted in an adjournment till 13 April, as recorded in this court order.


  1. Pensions were always revised post every pay commission for those whose status was retired as on pre-first date of the pay commission effective date. Pension of pre 1986 retirees was also revised by 4th pay commission. Hence this judgment on Rank pay subtraction from basic pay scale in 4th CPC definitely impacts pre-1986 retirees and also family pensioner of pre-1986.This revision required due to addition of rank pay amount to basic pay scale will impact certainly the full gamut of period that is 4th,5th and 6 th pay commission where always the new fixation is based on the old scales, (which get revised due to judgment).Hence we look forward to how much justice is the court willing to give and the Govt. willing to workout the new pay and status of the current in service, retired and family pensioners and the nominees of the family pensioners who are no more.

  2. Considering the fact that only a week now intervenes between the present and the next hearing, the issues in the post, some of which are quite relevant, might require to be addressed in future litigation based on the judgement delivered.