Saturday, March 12, 2011

A New Angle To OROP

With the recent news of the increase in the age of superannuation for civilian employees, the defence fraternity could consider factoring in the resultant effect on the parity of defence pensions with those applicable to civilian counterparts.

The "One Rank One Pension" issue may, perhaps, need to be viewed not only from the viewpoint of parity amongst defence veterans but also with reference to what a civilian pensioner, in an equivalent post to the one the veteran retired in, would get by way of pension.

Let's take the example of a Col, or equivalent rank in IAF or IN, retiring at the approximate age of 55, depending on the branch or arm. Now, when he reaches the age of 62, would his pension equal that of a civilian in an equivalent post retiring at 62? The disparity would have been considerable even without the increase in retirement age for civilians by two years.

That is why there may be some relevance to the apparently abstract points raised in a previous
blog post.

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