Sunday, September 13, 2015

Contempt Petition On Rank Pay Case _ Epilogue

On 18 August 2015, the final hearing took place at the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Contempt Petition 328 /2013.

On the RDOA blog, there was a terse announcement in a blog post dated August 18 2015, stating in relation to the disposal, "Court did not accept our plea for change of Pay scales of 4th CPC & 5th CPC, The case has been finally disposed off". That blog post subsequently disappeared from public view, the quote having been made verbatim from a cached copy of the blog post when it had been posted freshly on 18 Aug 2015. {Edit} Another RDOA blog post finally appeared on 25 August 2015

There is still a blog post dated 18 August 2015 on the Aerial View blog with comments, mostly "on topic".

While searching for material related to the case on Twitter, I came across tweets from learned counsel of RDOA and I have linked those here:

Order of the Hon'ble Supreme Court too is brief and can be viewed here

The foregoing constitutes mere collation. What is of the essence is where do affected parties go from here? Perhaps the answer to that would lie in examining these queries linked to the case and trying to find answers:

*What exactly are the "remaining issues" referred to in one of the tweets linked to above? Are these the issues listed in the rejoinder affidavit filed by RDOA in 2014?

*Are we to surmise from the RDOA blog-post of 25 August 2015 and the second of the tweets, linked to above, that only the issue of revision of scales and fixation in the same now remains the area of concern for RDOA?

*Would the "further course" involve litigation or would that be preceded by some sort of representation by affected individuals or collectively by RDOA through proper official channels?

*Whether, in the context of the judgement, it is to be understood that though the basis for linking the "other issues" to the rank-pay litigation may not have been agreed to, the justification and rationale for resolving these still exist?

RDOA have done a herculean job, as I never tire of mentioning on various platforms, but communicating further directions for all stake-holders would only serve to strengthen the process on related matters. In this regard, if RDOA choose to share information in a blog post or even the minutes of the AGM, that was planned to be conducted on 12 September 2015, perhaps affected veteran Officers would have greater clarity on the next steps they could take under the auspices of RDOA.

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