Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Format For A Quick Snap Check On Increase In Monthly Outgo Caused By Annual OROP Review

While the previous blog post points to the nature of complete annual data that needs to be furnished, by opponents of annual OROP reviews to substantiate their scare-mongering warnings of dire financial implications, there is an even easier "first-step" manner to debunk their fiscal-doom fiction.

Let data be presented as a sample case for a few Officer ranks in a slightly modified format to just establish monthly "outgo" trends from one review to the other.

It can be purely a simulation exercise as data upto July 2015 is already available with PCDA.

After this data has been obtained and usually rational but mis-informed people can be reassured that skies will not be falling on anyone's head, the next step would be to add two extra columns for annual outgo and  annual increase for the period.

It is doubtful, of course, whether the opponents of annual reviews would be willing and ready, though they are entirely "able", to render that data "faithfully", we can always have a recourse to a RTI application to obtain data in that format. 

A more extensive evaluation of financial implications, which are likely to be of the minimal kind, could be gauged from data in this format :

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