Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Comparison Of Post 01 Jan 2006 Pensions Of Pre 2006 Retirees and Their OROP Pensions

To make comparisons a bit more meaningful, charts can now be prepared for a few more officer ranks and for the entire period of QS affecting them.

How OROP pensions relate to the earlier pensions of pre 2006 retirees over the range of QS can be viewed here (Please hover the cursor with the mouse over the charts to access pop-out or enlargement facilitations provided):

A chart showing the percentage increase of OROP pensions over those of circular 500, including increases actually required for ensuring 20 years parity for Maj/Lt Col pensions and 26 years parities for Maj/Lt Col(TS)/Lt Col/Col(TS) pensions, provides for a graphical understanding of the situation at a glance.

Edit: Based on a number of e_mails received in response to the previous blog post, a "desirable parity zone" chart for Maj/LtCol/Col(TS) is placed here


  1. Great presentation.scientific and graphical presentation .This would enable every one to understand and resolve issues & anomalies.
    Copies of these graphs can be sent to one and all ,incl judicial commission ,MOD, cgda ,PCDA, DESW ,esm asso .....etc to study ,analyse .....and resolve .
    Sunlit blog author deserves everybody's appreciation.
    He is also working on similar work for remaining veterans.

  2. Like circular 548,circular 555 makes fool pbor.

    1. Hesl Kkr
      "...makes fool pbor..."

      This blog post does not relate to the topic you have mentioned.

      However, do share exactly what makes you believe what you have stated.