Thursday, February 11, 2016

OROP Data : Grays and The Black And Whites

One of the most surprising aspects of the public response to implementation of OROP has been the recourse to antagonistic statements, veiled accusations and declarations of campaigns to obtain judicial intervention on the matter.

To start with, as was mentioned in the previous blog-posts on the subject, a word of thanks to the Government staff, who have worked hard to prepare the tables, would be fitting.

There would be anomalies, to be sure. But what those anomalies are and what can be done, need to be spelt out in precise detail by associations and Services HQs engaged in dialogue with MOD on the matter.

Everything can't be wrong with the implementation. The areas of confusion can be easily resolved through a transparent process of discussion held in the public domain as against behind closed doors.

If dialogue should hit roadblocks, there are official ways of obtaining information and data that would serve to clear doubts or provide the road map for rationalization.

Now the following format relates only to the ranks of Lt Col and Col. But it isn't a case of this blog post being a "Colonel Special" bulletin. It is just an indicator how individuals and/or groups can help to fill in the gaps to ease an atmosphere laden with angst and suspicion.

Information on the lines suggested in this table, which, incidentally, does have a few columns in "black and white" amidst a few some in gray, can be adapted for any rank and QS. An individual may seek this information for just his own rank and QS. More public-minded stake-holders could seek information on a wider scale.

Before the sarcastically oriented can say about the table, "The grays have it; the grays have it", the process of obtaining information can be given a shot as that would help to replace the gray columns with black-and-white ones.

Postscript : Long before the OROP tables had even been published, a need was felt for a system of validation.

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