Monday, February 08, 2016

The Difference Between Cut-And-Paste And Embedding

It is gratifying when one's views are shared by others and, as a result, get disseminated.

However, while sharing a few simple rules do apply. Basically, providing a link to the original content is the safest form of sharing content.

On this blog, beneath every blog-post, a sharing button is provided. That covers all the sharing permissions that a reader can avail of.

Cutting and pasting of content, however, has a host of issues attached, even if some attribution is provided. The cut-and-paste option provides a basis for unintended mischief as content can get altered by other viewers and circulated in hoax mails or on their own web-sites or blogs.

Embedding another person's blog-post, which provides a link-back to the original content and web-page, can be an acceptable form of sharing provided it is done with good intentions and in the proper context.

An example is this embedded blog post of another blog which in turn displays content in the cut-and-paste form. Here the intention is sound and serves to disseminate information in the proper context. But, the cut-and-paste also removes the dynamic features of the original blog-post such as comments which lead to generation of newer ideas and points-of-view. It also destroys the formatting the original author may want his content to be viewed in. Besides, the blog-post made by the other blogger also contains text that tends to attribute opinions and views to the original blogger (myself) that may not (in this case "are not") shared by the original blogger.

My request to all those who wish to share content would be to use the share buttons provided or to embed content with link-back.


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